$50,489 of $100,000 raised

$50,489 of $100,000 raised

We’re $49,511 away from $100,000. With your help, and the support of your family and friends, we can reach this milestone.

Thailand Border Project Overview

Along the Thailand-Myanmar border, approximately 200,000 people live in an uncertain world. They have settled in temporary shelters, or migrate back-and-forth on a daily basis in search of economic opportunity, health care, and education for their children.

With so many competing needs, access to quality eye care and glasses have been scarce or non-existent. OneSight, in collaboration with local and international organizations, is working to change that and bring a permanent solution to an endemic problem.

Our Approach

OneSight is working together with key partners to provide access to eyecare and eyewear to the displaced people of this large region over the next 3 years in three different settings: temporary shelters along the Thailand-Myanmar border, the Mae Tao Clinic patient population, and students in Migrant Learning Centers. Each has a distinct need and requires a solution customized to them.

At Mae Tao Clinic, we are working with their passionate team, Essilor Vision Foundation, Suwannimit Foundation, and Top Charoen to establish their location as a center of excellence in that region and work toward a sustainable option to bring high quality eye care to the area.

As a very successful start to giving sight to those who are living in the temporary shelters in that region, we collaborated with the incredible team from International Rescue Committee for a one week clinic to give 941 people much needed eye exams and glasses – many for the first time.

Why Clear Sight Matters

Being able to see your world clearly may not sound like a big deal, but the impact that a simple pair of glasses can have is huge. It allows students to do up to twice as well in school, and workers to earn up to 35% more. Clear sight fuels potential, restores dignity, and promotes connection.


Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) is a community-based organisation (CBO) that provides and advocates for an equitable and essential health system, education, and protection for vulnerable and displaced people living the Thailand-Myanmar border area and Eastern Myanmar . in 2016 MTC has provided about 1,600 surgeries in Mae Tao clinic and about 250 surgeries in Temporary Shelter in the border, about 85% of surgery were cataract .

Suwannimit Foundation (SNF) is a Thailand-based foundation that aims to improve the quality of life of marginalized populations in the Tak border districts by strengthening the operational capacity and programming impact of partner grassroots organizations while working towards increased access to social services.


Give the gift of sight to someone along the Thailand-Myanmar border for as little as $10.

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